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Each of our services are unique to us. As one of the only holistic wellness spa's in Calgary offering a variety of treatments that includes the first urban float therapy spot, aesthetics and holistic therapies that offer a variety of benefits for everyone. Click on each service to learn more and to get started to a newer, healthier version of you.


Coming in 2021

 Body Contouring

With UltraShape Power's unique technology you will reach your body goals 

 Metabolic Balance

Your path to better health with your personalized nutrition program, Metabolic Balance.

Holistic Nutrition

If you're struggling with any health condition, talking with our holistic nutrition consultant will help you find natural solutions to your concerns.

Intolerance Testing

A non-invasive way to find out how certain foods and non-food items are contributing to your health.

Grocery Store Tour

Need help sorting through all of the confusion at the grocery store?  Book your 2-hour tour today!


Coming soon!

Holistic Facials

Coming soon!

Infrared Sauna

Coming 2021

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